pizza w hotelu koloseum w turku


The restaurant works every day from 7.00 to 22.00 on Friday and Saturday to 24.00.
We serve dinner dishes from 12.00.
Selected dishes in the set with soup and dessert as well as several proposals of dishes from Polish cuisine are available at very attractive prices also with delivery to your home or office.
The restaurant provides a free service (within the city) for delivering meals to the address indicated.
On summer days, we open a garden for you, where it is worth stopping for a delicious dessert and real Italian ice cream.

ryba w hotelu koloseum

Memory of Italy

"Koloseum" is a small Italia. The rich menu includes a lot of delicacies, from original antipasti, through hand-made pasta, meats wrapped in tasty, creamy sauces, seafood and fish bringing the restaurant special fame.
Excellent cuisine is not everything. There is something from the character of an elegant restaurant as well as a small charming Italian restaurant, smelling of Italy.
Based on subtle details and carefully planned interiors create a unique atmosphere.
Three air-conditioned restaurant rooms (30, 50, 130 seats) are suitable for both discreet dinners and real feasts.


We care about your comfort

Opinions of our guests

"After my daughter's first communion, I could not imagine another place of communion for the second. Everything as it should be. Delicious, elegant and service first class. Soon 18 and probably also we will choose the Colosseum. I recommend."

"The restaurant to which my parents brought me in a wheelchair, my mother ate while pregnant with me. I myself love to eat there and take my friends from a young age, and the Communion that I had a week ago was excellent. Bravo! Don't change!"

"Delicious food. Pizza capriciosa and spaghetti bolognese definitely give advice. I recommend."

"Very nice service. A charming place. Delicious food and warm served. I recommend Koleseum. Thank you for yesterday 21 08 2019. Certainly we will throw it. Greetings 😊😊💗"

"A very pleasant place with excellent food. Plus Grimbergen beer"

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